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Powerstroke 6.0L Coolant Filtration System by Performance Machine & MFG.


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Performance Machine & MFG. is proud to introduce the First Coolant Filtration System to the Market that DOES NOT require any cutting or splicing to ANY of your OEM Heater Hoses.

With so many Coolant Filtration Systems on the Market with the same technology and design, Performance Machine & MFG decided that we would do something the competition hadn't thought of yet. With our system you do not have to do any modifications to your factory hoses, PERIOD! We supply you with a new radiator return line made of the same HIGH QUALITY Silicone Hose that is provided with the rest of our kit and it has the coolant filter line tied directly into it and is joined together using brass ferrules to eliminate the need for those ugly hose clamps. We also supply you with a short section of 3/4" Heater Hose so you don't have to modify your existing heater supply hose. Why does this matter you may ask? So, if the time ever came to remove our system, your hoses are unmodified and can be hooked back-up without any issue. Also, by using our system, you don't need any special tools to install our kit, just a 10MM Socket, Pliers, & a Flat Head Screw Driver. No need for hose cutters at all which also eliminates the possibility of a leak developing!

Kit Contents:

  • Performance Machine & MFG. Filter Base
  • Coolant Filter
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Return Hose Assembly w/ Ball Valves
  • Supply Hose Assembly w/ Ball Valves
  • 2 x 3/4" Hose Clamps

Key Features & Benefits:

One HUGE benefit of the installation of the 6.0L coolant filter is the protection of the EGR cooler and Engine Oil cooler. These coolers passes coolant over an exhaust flow to cool exhaust before it re-enters the intake. The cooler comonly gets filled full of debris, casting sand, coolant sediment  fallout, etc. When they plug, you must replace them. The egr coolers list for $500.00, Oil Coolers for $325.00 and labor estimates are 8-10 hours to replace them.

Coolant filters are not a new idea to the diesel engine world. They come in most OEM applications for medium duty and OTR tractor trailer rigs. The idea was somehow tossed aside for light duty applications, most likely due to cost. For our light duty trucks it is a very important issue that needed to be addressed. Many diesel engines - like the Powerstroke - are cast with sand in the process. This sand is NOT completely removed from the system. In fact, much of this sand leaches out of the casting over time. The sand wears away at water pump seals, hoses and radiators. Removal of this sand can greatly increase your water pump life.

Recommendations on filter changes:

  • First Filter Change: One Month After Installation
  • Second Filter Change: Three Months Later
  • Third Filter Change: Three Months Later
  • After the third filter change, service the filter once a year or sooner.
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Customer Reviews

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Great Filter
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: Brandon04/01/2012 03:34AM

Product ownership: Less than 1 month

Purchased from: Performance Machine & MFG.

Very high quality kit. Perfect fit and very easy installation. Hoses were just the right length (not too long, not too short). Cheaper than competitors kits and includes ball valves plus free shipping. Can't beat that. I will recommend this coolant filter to any 6.0 owner I run into. I also will definitely do business with PMM in the very near future

High quality, low effort
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: Steven12/24/2012 12:39AM

Product ownership: Less than 1 week

Not purchased from: Performance Machine & MFG.

The components of this kit are of high quality. The ball valves operate smoothly and are stainless steel, the silicone hoses exceed OEM look and quality, and the machining of the filter mount is attractive and burr free. Yeah, the instructions are weak, but the kit is top notch and easy for almost anyone to install. 5 minutes to lay out the parts, 20 minutes for complete install. Remove the CAC tube at the turbo outlet and it goes fast with little coolant loss. No issues with leaks. This is a great product produced by a company that seems to know what 'we' need and what 'we' want.

Coolant filter kit and install
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: todd03/26/2013 11:29PM

Product ownership: Less than 1 week

Purchased from: Performance Machine & MFG.

Just recieved the coolant filter kit, and about 20 minutes later, all finished with the install. Having done some CNC machine work in the past, the filter housing is very well made, the mounting bracket did need a slight adjustment to clear the radiator. The NEW coolant lines could be a tad shorter, but allows plenty of room for routing the lines. All in all, very well made, would recommend this to any of my customers!!!

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